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01 why us?

Why do investors

Official registration

Our RTZ.y algorithm is officially patented and recognized in the vast majority of modern developed countries!

Quick payouts

Using most advanced transaction and transaction processing techniques allows our company to process all payments instantly!

Reliable data protection

All servers of the company are protected with the most up-to-date encryption and data storage tools, so you can be sure that your information is safe

A wide range of tariff plans

Statistical studies of our company allowed us to create a wide range of tariff plans, among which you will find the best offer for yourself!

The possibility of active earnings

The company pays additional cash bonuses for each attracted investor

Large selection of payment systems

The company cooperates with the majority of the most popular payment systems, including Bitcoin / Ethereum

02 About the company

Welcome to was founded by a team of Cryptopreneurs from University of Cumbria.

Having developed a unique algorithm for making profits in the financial and foreign exchange markets, the team managed to enlist the support of large investment funds and create a financial capital of the company in the amount more than $ 2,500,000 to conduct investment activities throughout the world.

The unique RTZ.y algorithm allows our company to predict the behavior of financial assets with a probability of 99.9% and consistently pay dividends to our partners!

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03 Tariff plans

Tariff plans:

  • 24 HRS
  • ROI : 2.3%
Min: 100$ - Max: $5,000
  • 24 HRS
  • ROI : 5%
Min: $5,000 - Max: $20,000
  • 48 HRS
  • ROI : 10%
Min: $20,000 - Max: $50,000
  • 4 DAYS
  • ROI : 25%
Min: $50,000 - Max: UNLIMITED
  • AFter 24hrs 2.3%
  • After 24hrs 5%
  • After 48hrs 10%
  • Hourly for 4days 25%
04 profit calculation
the amount
+ -
1000000 USD 100 USD
05 our Benefits

Benefits of
working with

Using modern business methods,
our company offers its partners
the following benefits:
Registration Register an account on our official website
Deposit Open a deposit by choosing one of 6 tariff plans
making a profit Get profit and withdraw money at any time of the day!
06 registration and payment is officially
registered in the UK! № 07773279
Roman Road, East Ham, London, E6 3RX

All title documents that allow us to make financial transactions and conduct investment activities are located at:

№ 07773279
07 referral PROGRAM

referral program!

We offer 3 level referral commission according to the table below!

6% 1 level
2% 2 level
1% 3 level

Referral program is available to all active partners.

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